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Massage for Pilates Works

Massage for Pilates Works!

Keep your muscles flexible for Pilates through a massage therapy session.

About a month ago I attended a Pilates session and I was amazed by the lean body muscle and flexibility of participants in my class. I thought to myself, there is no way my body bends, twists or sustains these difficult Pilates positions. The class participants make it look easy. They are holding poses where I am falling over. After class, I booked myself a massage therapy session and it has made the world of a difference in my Pilates practice.

Just as in running or tennis, massage for Houston Pilates has deep benefits. It enhances the ability to endure and hold powerful Pilates poses. It also helps restore blood circulation, keeps your muscles flexible and warms your body preventing injury. These are all valuable needs to fulfill when partaking in Pilates.

Flexibility is one of the most vital components to Pilates Houston TX. There are many tough twists and positions that place your body in awkward movements. Keeping your muscles stretched helps ensure you are able to hold these poses properly and rejuvenate your muscles afterwards. In other words, your body does not get stuck feeling the strain or push you may feel during a Pilates session.

Massage therapy works together with your Pilates practice. Pilates is a physical exercise that can heal a body by creating a healthy mind and body awareness. By booking a massage therapy session, my muscles open up to stretching further than before. They react in a positive manner allowing me to do Pilates positions correctly then bounce back after class to a relaxed, energized state.

If you would like to see what affect deep tissue massage has on your Pilates practice then call us today.

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How to Prevent Summer Sports Injuries

How to Prevent Summer Sports Injuries

Houston, summer is halfway over!  Are you surviving this time with the kids?  How do your muscles feel after those long, hot, humid days of swimming, playing outside, and engaging in whatever sports the kids want?  Are you tired yet?  Well, you can’t let the kids and/or grandkids see you tired or hurting.  Those monsters will take full advantage!  By knowing this, you must shift your summer goals.

Concentrate on ways to prevent summer aches and pains from lingering throughout the day.  Otherwise, these physical ailments may mature causing more permanent damage.  Make it your new objective to remain injury-free and without pain for the rest of the summer.

Here are some ways you can achieve your fresh target.

Houston Texas Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
Houston Texas Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Book a Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Session!

One way to prevent summer sports injuries from occurring is by booking a houston massage therapy session.  It rejuvenates tired, stressed, and overworked muscles.  It also improves flexibility, focuses upon trigger points, boosts circulation, and relieves chronic pain.  In other words, it keeps the summer injuries from developing.  For when your muscles are overextended then you are prone to injury.  A Houston neuromuscular massage is a way to ensure injury does not occur.

Schedule a Break During Activities

By taking a few breaks throughout the day, your muscles are given the chance to relax and relieve unwanted, built-up tension.  Snack and water breaks are a great time to implement this tactic.  It gives you a chance to hydrate, refuel, and rest.   Your body will be less prone to damage when this occurs.


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